Samureye - Gaming Enhancement Mask

Improve Gaming Performance ... Your eyes are among the most important aspects of maintaining proper gaming health. By alleviating the harmful effects of blue light and extended virtual reality, you can recover your optimal ocular performance faster.

Rejuvenates and Refreshes Eyes ... All it takes is 20 seconds of microwaving to get our eye compress ready for use. Our mask delivers moist, uniform heat for 6-8 minutes, providing a quick set up and treatment for dryness, irritation, and fatigue.

Faster Reaction Times ... As soon as your eyes get heavy, you lose the finesse you need for peak performance. Our innovative eye mask is the only gaming mask on the market that revamps your game, refreshing your eyes to increase reaction time.

A Comfortable Fit … Prevent eye fatigue and take some time for yourself. Our compress features breathable fabric that allow you to comfortably wear it longer. A quick recovery from screen staring means you'll be back in the zone before you know it.

Easy Maintenance Means More Gaming ... You don't need to spend hours finding the right temperature, detergent, or settings to clean your eye mask. Our product's dual pod design is completely hand washable, saving you precious time for more gameplay.